CEO Piotr

CEO Piotr

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SafeEvolveCrypto Real-Crypto Businesses 

SEC Token built on the Binance Smart Chain connected with real businesses equally rewards every investor in deflationary ecosystem



Place your trust in us to shape a prosperous future for both traditional and cryptocurrency businesses. Together, we have the power to accomplish extraordinary things.



Invest in our ventures, foster a vibrant community, and unlock limitless growth potential. Join us on a journey towards unparalleled prosperity!



Earn lucrative 2% USDT rewards as an investor. Allow us to assist you in maximizing your profits and transforming your wallet into a realm of abundance!

Business Plan of  SafeEvolveCrypto

Business plan of SafeEvolveCrypto have many ways of grow, we'll introduce for you few of them.    1.  As the main purpose of our plan for the business with our massive experience is to start professional metal industry engineering that will include the best CNC laser cutting machines, they'll generate revenue in hundreds of millions$ and net income in tens of millions$ some part of that will be used to buyback our token from the open market, later they'll be burn which will help our investors to receive impressive profits. 2.  This idea is based on our main business plan but with smaller capital in our company wallet. We're planning to start smaller manufacturing based on more basic machines that will bring revenue and net income as well but not great as our main plan.   3. Start off like many successful businesses by renting a small workshop and operating with online sales. Our dedicated team will collaborate closely with clients to provide smaller metal industry engineering services and quickly deliver high-demand products to customers. By leveraging the power of e-commerce and digital marketing, we will establish a strong online presence, allowing us to reach a wider audience and generate revenue. This initial phase will not only help us establish a stable business foundation but also serve as a stepping stone towards our larger-scale manufacturing plans.   These business strategies will be driven by linking sectors with other business owners. There are now three separate businesses operating under the SafeEvolveCrypto brand.

RoadMap of Real-Crypto Businesses

Before you get started on business journey, walk through our short guideline that was prepared specially for you to help you give the start properly.


Phase 01 (Achieved)

Let's begin with the SafeEvolveCrypto business plan!

- Business plan of SEC real business and token - Kickstart of socials and website


Phase 02 (Achieved)

Token in hands of our investors!

- SafeEvolveCrypto token launch - Fairlaunch on - Pancake-swap launch  - Liquidity lock for 1 year


Phase 03 (In Progress)

Marketing is a key to great value!

- Start of marketing campaign via social media  - Daily posts on socials - Active SEC community and support of SEC Team - Portfolio of strong partnerships as @SphynxLabs, @CraftSyndicate


Phase 04 (In Progress)

Real Portfolio of Business !

- Establishment of our metal engineering business - First contracts from SEC Engineering business - Launching SEC online business - Establishing a real-world businesses network with SEC partners


Phase 05 (In Progress)

Real business lift-off!

- First sells in SEC real businesses partly used for buyback and burns - Listing on price-tracking website as CMC, CG etc. - Development and expansion of real SEC businesses - Public weekly view of SafeEvolveCrypto finances


Phase 06

Listing's and more investor's!

- CEX listings - Easy access for our investors to our system  - Global marketing campaigns


Continued Points


- Massive expanding around the world - Global view of SafeEvolveCrypto   - Growing products portfolio - Monthly/Weekly buyback and burns - Increasing pool of USDT Rewards


Supply Of Token

  • Total supply of token
  • 40% PreSale
  • 25.08% Liquidity
  • 10% SafeEvolveCrypto Team
  • 9.42% Crypto Exchanges
  • 9% Partnership
  • 6.5% Marketing

Buy Tax = 5%

  • 2% Rewards in USDT 
  • 1.5% Burning
  • 1% Business Build (Marketing and Business Grow)
  • 0.5% SEC ETF

Sell Tax = 5%

  • 2% Rewards in USDT
  • 1.5% Burning
  • 1% Business Build (Marketing and Business Grow)
  • 0.5% SEC ETF

Team BuyBack's

  • 1st BUYBACK  2,381,937 SEC Tokens
  • 2nd BUYBACK  2,091,972 SEC Tokens
  • 3rd BUYBACK  3,273,000 SEC Tokens
  • 4th BUYBACK 6,431,580 SEC Tokens
  • 5th BUYBACK 976,896 SEC Tokens 


  • 1st BURN 9,200,000 SEC Tokens 
  • 2nd BURN 800,000 SEC Tokens 
  • 3rd BURN 5,000,000 SEC Tokens
  • 4th BURN 10,000,000 SEC Tokens
  • 5th BURN 15,000,000 SEC Tokens
  • 6th BURN 5,000,000 SEC Tokens

Team of SafeEvolveCrypto


CEO of SafeEvolveCrypto

Involved in Crypto Investment's since 2019, High Skilled Metal Engineering,  Passion for Cryptocurrency and Technologies, Fitness Lover 🦾


CEO of SafeEvolveCrypto

Passionate about Music and Coding.  Skilled Metal Industry Engineering, Programmer, Crypto-Investor,  Always got a new project in mind. Open-minded and kind. Proud to start this great community 😍🚀🎉


SEC Supervisor

Movie/series and music enthusiast, a talented supervisor in the automotive sector, a photographer, a tech geek, has a lot of experience with social media, and aspires to be a graphic designer. He is a quick learner who puts  110% into everything he does.  🤜🤛


Head of Social Management 

Head of marketing, project handling and verifying potential crypto holders. Experience in project management and planning to use knowledge to guide my team into the successful future of crypto world. Crypto finance has great potential and opportunities in such business, brought me to the team is realistic approach and the transparency of the SEC founders 💎


Director of  Merchandising  Sector 

Founder of the Soto'n Motor Crew with a strong passion for cars. Passionate lover of anime, I'm very talented in creating my own computer graphics with a fantasy theme.  I like to play video games in free time to get my creative juices flowing 🤯


Support of Online Shop's 

Many years of experience in running a business, managing people and working in the metal sector. Well organized and looking for the best solutions. A lover of travelling, fitness and car enthusiast! 🔥


Growing Our List of Trust-Worthy Partners.


Our team is always available to provide support and assistance to our valued investors.

What is the future plan for SafeEvolveCrypto?

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SafeEvolveCrypto plans to establish partnerships with other companies and businesses to expand the usage of the SEC token, raising the trading volume and generated passive income. The token seeks to merge companies, communities, and future ideas, including the gaming sector, NFT , and other long-term futures.

Is SafeEvolveCrypto a safe investment?

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Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and can experience rapid price fluctuations, so it's important to be aware of the risks associated with cryptocurrency investments. However, SafeEvolveCrypto is committed to providing a secure, safe, and transparent investment opportunity, fundamental structure build on real businesses and is dedicated to achieving long-term success for both its investors and the wider industry.

How does SafeEvolveCrypto deflationary token-burning strategy work?

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One of the unique features of SafeEvolveCrypto (SEC) is its deflationary token-burning strategy. This strategy involves using a portion of the revenue generated from the metal engineering business to buy back and burn SEC tokens. This process reduces the supply of tokens in circulation, increasing the value of each token held by investors.  

How can I stay updated on SafeEvolveCrypto latest developments?

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You can stay updated on SafeEvolveCrypto latest developments by visiting our websites, following us on social media platforms like Twitter and Telegram.

What makes Us unique compared to other tokens?

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SafeEvolveCrypto deflationary token-burning strategy, partnerships with other businesses, worldly open on whole business sectors, focus on real business investments, and forward-thinking approach to DeFi make it a highly unique and promising venture for investors. The team is committed to providing a secure, safe, and transparent investment opportunity that delivers long-term value for both its investors and the wider industry.

What is the total supply of SafeEvolveCrypto tokens?

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The total supply of SafeEvolveCrypto tokens was 1 billion SEC. However, due to the deflationary token-burning strategy, the actual supply of SEC tokens is 985 millions and will decrease over time as tokens are burned.