CEO Piotr

CEO Piotr

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SEC Success Milestone 

SafeEvolveCrypto real crypto-business has its own origin path, we share with you our success milestones from the beginning to the present. We are glad and proud of our failures and successes, which have positioned us in the right direction.

2023 Q1

- Launched SafeEvolveCrypto (SEC) token on Binance Smart Chain - Created deflationary finance system with USDT rewards - Start of social media as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram and more! - KYC & Audit by - First 100 Holders of SEC token - Increased team size to 5 people - More than 15 promoters around social media of SafeEvolveCrypto - Partnership with SphynxLabs (Market Cap 6M$)  - Telegram with 500 Members  - Burned 15,000,000 tokens in 3 burns 

2023 Q2


- SEC token all time high of market cap 45,000$ - First real-business of SafeEvolveCrypto (SEC Engineering) - First online shop of SEC Engineering - Merchandise shop is live of SafeEvolveCrypto   - Another businesses under SafeEvolveCrypto (Craft Syndicate, Super_Mario) 

- First Business Bank Account for SEC Engineering   - Registered Sole Trader in GOV.UK for SEC Engineering   - 2500 Followers on Twitter and Instagram - 5 Online Shop's of SEC Engineering  - First Sales Market (Bournemouth) - First Sales of SEC Engineering and Craft Syndicate Products 

- First funds for 3-stage burning system from Real-Businesses - 5000 Followers on Twitter  

2023 Q3

- 4th Real Business 'Light My World' - 7500 Followers on Twitter  - 300 SEC Holders - Closed zero of SEC Token price 0.0001$  - SEC Total Market Cap 100,000$ - First SEC ETF 

- 10000 Followers on Twitter - 400 SEC Holders    - 5 Projects in SEC ETF  - Total BURNED 45,000,000 SEC Tokens